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"Life on Earth is a Gift. 

Biodiverse Land and Water are a Commons. 

Live Well within the Earth Commons."

"A land trust combining the strengths of two global movements - permaculture and conservation - we are applying them to create local food sheds that are secure for future generations to inherit."

Our Vision:

  • Creating a network of permaculture training centers and demonstration farms. 

  • Bringing about truly resilient regional food systems.  

  • A global commons for human ecology to thrive in all bioregions. 

Permaculture Living Lands Trust, Inc. is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.  All contributions are tax deductible in the United States.

Our Mission :

  • Protect and preserve permaculture properties and rare fruit and nut tree plantings.

  • Converting properties and landscapes to permaculture systems.

  • Starting agroforestry and tree crop nurseries  

  • Co-creating a network of permaculture land commons that supports cultural landscapes for long-term resilience.

  • Working with watershed groups, municipalities, state and local agencies, creating food, water and energy comprehensive plans 

  • Increasing the diversity, quality and quantity of yields for farm-based economies, in ecologically restorative ways.

Our Origin Story 


Founded in 2019 permaculture living lands trust brings together the wisdom of the global permaculture design movement and the strengths of the global conservation movement.   Our core values are rooted in reverence for, and solidarity with, the timeless ecological knowledge of indigenous cultures the world over.


We believe that land can be held in trust for community and ecological benefit as a locally-governed commons.

We are land conservationists, permaculture designers and educators, and local living economy advocates, focused on Earth care, People Care, and Fair Share. Our work is within the Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome of this continent, Turtle Island, and beyond.   


Please join us in co-creating what the world needs now – a land commons for human ecological design to flourish!

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Buck run planyedIMG_6594.jpeg

Permaculture Forest Gardening

Creating whole site property plans that include agroforestry, off-grid intern housing, educational campus for permaculture training.

Abundant Chestnuts

We are finding rare and valuable nut tree plantings and working with property owners to protect them.  We are connecting experienced nursery people to train new growers.

Organic Crops

The right plant for the right place, we honor prime agricultural soils by using for high value vegetable crops. On site compost and gravity fed water supplies for all of our crops. 

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