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A Welcome and An Invitation

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Welcome to the first newsletter of Permaculture Living Lands Trust (PLLT)!!  We invite you to learn more about our vision and purpose below, and to join us in co-creating the kind of land trust that the world needs now!  A land trust combining the strengths of two global movements -- permaculture and conservation -- to provide a land commons where human ecological design can flourish!  Become a founding member today with your generous contribution of $25 or more.

Year One Highlights

Our founding year as a 501c3 non-profit organization has been an amazing adventure and a glimpse of so many good things to come! 

Forest Garden Stream Buffer Plantings

WIth the sound leadership of Ulster County Department of the Environment, City of Kingston and the NY DEC Trees for Tribs program, PLLT enhanced a forested stream buffer planting in the Hudson Valley with hybrid and named varieties of hickories and heartnuts from some of the key tree crop repositories we work.  This innovative planting on the Esopus Creek in Kingston NY offers a glimpse of a bright future for forest garden ecosystems.


(design by ecologicaldesign .land)

Less-Colonized Easement for a Land Return Project in the Minneapolis area 

In the wake of the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis, a land return project brought together a visionary landowner, a nonprofit collective led by people of color, and PLLT to decommodify a 60-acre lakefront permaculture farm. We are fortunate to have co-created a conservation and cultural continuity easement to serve as allies with the new land stewards of this magical place.


Listening Project 

We’ve been actively listening to friends and colleagues in the field to identify needs and opportunities for advancing perennial landscapes of posterity. This is an ongoing practice, both in-person and on-line, including our Permaculture Perspectives podcast on Soundcloud.


Permaculture Design Magazine Article

Since 1985, Permaculture Design Magazine (formerly Permaculture Activist) has been one of the main publications for ecological designers and educators to share ideas and inspiration - and in the current issue, PLLT got to tell our origin story about how land trusts and permaculture can change the world! 

PLLT_Permaculture Design Magazine
Download PDF • 1.05MB


Protecting Tree Crops Orchard in

New Jersey 

One of our primary concerns is the loss of trees planted by skilled horticulturalists, grafted and hand pollinated and then bulldozed 70 years later, as in the case of the John Hershey trees in PA. Our work with Ted on his 30+ year old property in central NJ, is an example of how we are addressing what we have learned from studying the loss of many of Hershey’s plantings and figuring out how to prevent it from continuing to happen. 

At PLLT we are working to understand how to effectively get out in front of this pattern of destruction by working with this gifted tree grower to protect and preserve his work and to create a learning center on the land. Ted will be able to teach his skills and his insights to avid Permaculture students in a place that will be preserved for generations to come, to experience a mature old growth nut tree forest!


Agroforestry & Permaculture Nature Preserve with Open Space Institute and NY State Parks Dept. in Saugerties

We have been asked to provide a vision and a stewardship role for a large property with multiple proposals on the table for it. We walked the land and shared our ideas with the parties involved and everyone liked our vision for agroforestry plantings, nurseries, organic gardens for the community, increasing biodiversity and pollinator habitat and creating a Permaculture training center.

Stay tuned for progress on this one!


Watershed and Foodshed Planning in the Rondout Valley NY 

Our broader scale, long term vision includes working with communities to create climate smart, Permaculture master plans, at a regional and watershed scale, for food, water & energy resilience. We have begun our analysis phase of this process and put together a concept design for the Rondout watershed. PLLT is in conversation with local watershed groups and municipalities, developing plans for a year round, full diet food supply within a reasonable distance of all communities.


"Life on Earth is a Gift. Biodiverse Land and Water are a Commons.

Live well within the Earth Commons!"

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